Capri length. Elastic and drawstring waist. Super comfy and wash well. Packaged in their own matching bag. 

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CAPRI Cotton - Pink Dot w/ Cupcake
CAPRI Cotton - Pink Flower w/ Purple Seersucker Stripe
CAPRI Cotton - Pink Paisley w/ Paris
CAPRI Cotton - Preppy Pink w/ Green Dot
CAPRI Cotton - Rainbow hearts w/ Colour Me.
CAPRI Cotton - Skulls w/ Purple
CAPRI Cotton - Steel Blue Bandana w/ Pink Gingham
CAPRI Cotton - Teal & White Lage Stripes
CAPRI Cotton - Textured Gold
CAPRI Cotton - Tiny Black Print w/ Golf
CAPRI Cotton - Wine w/ Words
CAPRI Cotton - Wine Words w/ Wine
CAPRI Cotton - Wood w/ Woodgrain
CAPRI Cotton - Yellow Stripe w/ Bees
CAPRI Cotton -Black & White Speckles
CAPRI Cotton -Pebbles w/ Sand
CAPRI Cotton Green w/ Polka Dots
CAPRI Cotton Jersey - Cactus
CAPRI Cotton Pink Ice-cream Truck w/ Turquoise
CAPRI Cotton Seersucker - Pink Plaid w/ Pink
CAPRI Cotton-  Lime Flower w/ Girls
CAPRI Cotton- Black & Grey Design
CAPRI Cotton- Black Design w/ Wine
CAPRI Cotton- Blue Flower w/ Blue
CAPRI Cotton- Blue Skull w/ Pink
CAPRI Cotton- Brown Circles w/ Chevron
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CAPRI Cotton- Dog Paws w/ Dogs
CAPRI Cotton- Dogs w/ Paws
CAPRI Cotton- Farm to Fork w/ Brown
CAPRI Cotton- Golf w/ Dots
CAPRI Cotton- Green Dot w/ Preppy Pink
CAPRI Cotton- Green Trees w/ Red Fox
CAPRI Cotton- Pink w/ Blue Skull
CAPRI Cotton- Pink W/Green Dot
CAPRI Heavy Cotton  -  Taupe Floral
CAPRI Heavy Cotton  - Green Floral
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167 results
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